Ribbon Printer Ideas for 4

Ribbon Printer Ideas for 4" Labels

April 01, 2019

Crystal Clear Labels! Your ribbon printer is known for printing on ribbon ... but take a look at this!

Today am really excited to present a new product that you have been asking for. You speak, we listen and here it is, 4 inch Crystal Clear Labels. This is actually an extension of our current product, the 2 inch Crystal Clear Labels. Many of you are thinking of different ideas for application, and you’ve requested a wider width, so here it is.

Just what can you do with the 4 inch Crystal Clear Labels? Let’s talk about it. To get the wheels turning, here are some ideas. The video shows the products illustrating all of these concepts.

  • GREETING MESSAGES: You can put messages on candles, balloons, and garden planters … as you can see in the video with the get well soon message floral arrangements.
  • TOTE BAGS: We did an entire video on how they add 2 inch Crystal Clear Labels to tote bags. If you haven’t seen that click here to watch. We cover how to put together a tote bag from start to finish. Use tote bags for gifts, party favors or branding your store bags. Think about it, you could have your logo and a special message for each season or each holiday and create just the quantity you need right in your shop. You don’t have to order online and get hundreds at a time.
  • CREATIVE BOX ENHANCEMENT: How about customizing for very specialized events like school finals? If you aren’t already tapping into your local high schools and colleges to get this type of business, you are missing a huge opportunity. Camp packages, same thing. How about hotel welcome boxes for reunions or weddings? Anytime there are out of town guests, what a nice surprise to have a box like this waiting in the guest's room with a customized message about the event.
  • GIFT BOX PERSONALIZATION: Holidays are a great opportunity especially for that lucrative corporate business. Also think about clubs, conventions and organizations, they always have events where they will give out special gifts both to the attendees and speakers. Conventions are another new business source. It’s traditional that when someone speaks at a convention, they are presented with a thank you gift. You could customize that … also employee recognition. Businesses do end of the year top sales awards, outstanding customer service awards … and of course there are also employee of the month or birthday recognitions.
  • WINDOW DECALS: This picture may look a bit interesting to you. It illustrates how you can print on window decals for placement both outside the window or inside the window by flipping it to read backwards. You can do this easily by using the horizontal flip button from within the Design & Print™ software. Offer window decals for store windows, car windows, or community events of all sorts.
  • LABELING/BRANDING: Brand product or packaging with your company logo such as this The Ribbon Print Company box. How about labeling a box for samples or sale items? Having these boxes on display in your shop is a great demonstration of the custom printed label service that you can provide your customers.
By now your mind should be exploding with dozens of new ways you can add new products into your business with 4 inch Crystal Clear Labels. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with, so make sure to post any design incorporating this product on our Facebook page or in the comment section right here.

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