The Software Story

The Software Story

April 12, 2019

The ribbon printing industry has been in need of a sophisticated and reliable software program for some time now. One where your creativity can flow without interruption and designing  can be completed quickly and easily. 

I took on the challenge and I'm proud to say it now exists ... and Made In America too! Here's the story behind its development.

Where does one go to build a software program? My first plan was an obvious choice. I'd put word out through my business network, interview people, select someone and we'd be on the way. Wooooooh, not so fast, and not so easy, I quickly found out.

What I wanted was very different than what most US programmers are doing today. They like static environments such as single business situations where the users and hardware are very specific. What I needed was totally different. Multiple operating systems, numerous users with all levels of computer knowledge and international users too. The options for programmers became slim to none!

Not to be discouraged, I got creative in my search. I reached past the US into Europe, Israel and beyond. I even had "feet on the street" investigation in India - no kidding! After months of searching and trials with potential sources, a clear direction just wasn't happening.

THEN out of the blue I decided to get back in touch with one of my local contacts who had impressed me in the beginning. Voila!!! Through much discussion and review, he agreed to do the job. I believe in the power of intention as I've experienced it many times before.

Once again, a solution arose when I had least expected it. And what a solution! The developer of your software is a powerhouse. He has years of experience with software/machine integration with companies such as Mitsubishi and Atlas Material Testing and knows about customer software interaction with firms such as Coldwell Banker. He understood the challenges from the start and his dedication and commitment to this project have been beyond my expectations. My software hero!

The whole process of creating the program was another new adventure. What should it look like? What design elements should it include? I could literally do anything. So exciting!

I gathered up all my notes on customer feedback and away we went. The overriding rules however were to make it reliable, intuitive and designer-friendly. By far the most difficult thing was keeping silent through the year of development.

Every time I talked to one of you about the program and you were either frustrated or gave comments, it took all the restraint I had not to say anything. Why wouldn't I talk? Because I wanted to make sure that whatever I said I could follow through on.

It's somewhat like building a house. Deadlines are set but things come up and extensions occur. We tested at every turn. We thought about and added new features along the way. I would not compromise quality for speed of the release.  I committed to be silent until I knew for sure when it would be ready. So tough to do! And now ... TA DA (drum roll) ... Here it is.

This article has recently been updated because now we have an enhanced version of the software. It's called Design & Print 2.0 and has elements even more trendsetting than the first! Take at look at it in this video for details.

A truly state-of-the-art software program to run your ribbon printing machine. It's one that all our existing owners deserve and all new machine owners can use with ease and fun!

What an experience this has been. It is a joy to present this to you with pride and confidence that it is by far the best you can get. I have now come full circle from a vision to investigation, negotiation, creation and now presentation. ENJOY!

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