What is the size of the printer?
The footprint is smaller than an standard sheet of paper. It's perfect for a desk or table workspace and easily transportable.
What are the system requirements?
Ribbon Print is compatible with 32 and 64 bit computers running on Windows 7 and above.
What do I get with my machine?
With the machine, you will receive a usb cable for connection to your computer. An easy to install software package with downloadable instruction handbook and foils should have you printing right away. Also included is a ribbon adapter allowing you to print on smaller width ribbons with ease.

How does it work?
The print is created instantly using heat to transfer the color from a roll of transfer foil onto your ribbon.

Is the printer easy to use?
YES!! It's very similar to printing on paper. You create the "document" on the computer and then print it off on the ribbon.
What print resolution does the printer operate with?
The resolution is 203 dpi, which gives a great result with any good quality image. There are adjustments that you can make to fine tune the print even further. These are outlined in the accompanying Instruction Manual.

Is the printer compatible with Mac?
Yes, you can use a Mac. It works with both the Boot Camp and Parallels programs.
What is the warranty?
The machine comes with a 12 month warranty.
What can I print on my ribbons?
The options are limitless! You are able to use any font that is on your computer plus upload your ownimages and company logos.
What type and size ribbon can I use?
Single and double faced polyester satin ribbon gives the best result. The size range is very flexible to adjust to your project needs. You can print on ribbon from 3/8" to 4" wide.

What language can I use?
You can print in any language that you can type in or create a graphic in. Many of our customers print in Spanish, Hebrew, Greek, Gaelic and Welsh!

Where do I purchase ribbon?
The Ribbon Print Company sells a special polyester ribbon due to strong customer request for the high-quality print result. We have also identifed several companies with quality customer service and timely turn-around times. You can find them under our Ribbon Vendor category.
What if I need help?
We're available by phone or e-mail to answer any questions