Design & Print Software 5 for Godex Printers

The Ribbon Print Company

The newest version of the Design & Print™ Software is the same for both Argox and Godex printers, however this product will give you access to all documentation specific to Godex GE330 printers.

This latest version was developed by The Ribbon Print® Company in 2023, setting a new industry standard for onsite ribbon printing. The software is intuitive, easy to use, and includes advanced design features not available elsewhere.

The Design & Print™ Software is included at no cost with any of our printer packages. However, it can be purchased separately if you own an Godex GE330 printers* and are looking for new easy-to-use software.

Features include:

  • Windows based software for Windows 7 or above - Windows 10 or above recommended
  • easy online download (CD available only upon email request)
  • state of the art functionality in terms of design options and reliability
  • a ruled design board with gridlines
  • add and edit text features
  • add and edit image features
  • the ability to import graphics, including logos and photographs
  • stock images to use in your designs
  • select and undo features
  • can be used with multiple printers
  • direct access to our website for ordering products
  • direct access to our customer support site RibbonPrint Customerhub
  • direct access to the Learn to Print Ribbon Online Course when purchased

The Design & Print™ Software is Mac compatible but must be used in conjunction with programs that allow your Mac to work as a PC (ie Parallels, Bootcamp).

*Contact us if you have a question about our software being compatible with your specific printer.

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