4" Specialty Foils - Metallic, Premium and Washable

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Our 4" specialty foils come in a variety of beautiful colors and will work with any of our printers. These specialty foils are a little more expensive, but they may just what you need to provide the best in printed ribbon!

The Metallic foils will add sparkle to any project!

The Premium foils lay down a double layer of the print media which results in a more vibrant print that is true to the color on ribbon. The Black Premium is a darker black on light colored ribbon and the other color Premiums are brighter on any color ribbon.

The Black Washable foil is the only truly washable color. Tested in the washer and dryer, as well as dry cleaning. 

  • 55 yards long and 4" wide
  • Prices vary between $25.75 and $35.25 depending on foil color
  • Water resistant - the print will not run or bleed
  • Foil rolls do not come with Empty Cores.  The are free if needed, but they must be ordered separately (found under Print Foils or under Accessories)
  • NOTE: The Metallic Red and Metallic Blue foils look beautiful on dark ribbon - but do not print as well on light colored ribbon.
  • NOTE: The Premium foils can be sticky when printing with the Pro printers (more ribbon sticking, more foil wrinkles, etc). Choose your heat setting carefully when you print.
  • Note: The White Premium foil does not work well with the Master - Godex printer! Please choose the standard White (4" or 2.25") instead.

Before you order: Check out the Ribbon - Foil Color Combination Guide found in Customerhub to determine which ribbon and foil combinations work the best.

Depending on your printed design width, foils can be used for more than one pass.  Both the left and right sides can be used to print, and with the Ribbon Adapter, the center sections can be used as well.  Take advantage of the multi-ribbon plates in assorted sizes to print multiple ribbons at one time!
Amethyst Premium
Black Premium
Black (Washable)
Blueberry Premium
Lime Premium
Metallic Blue
Metallic Gold
Metallic Red
Metallic Rose Gold
Metallic Silver
Pink Premium
Pumpkin Premium
White Premium

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