Design & Print Software 2.0

The Ribbon Print Company

The Design & Print™ Software was developed by The Ribbon Print® Company in 2012, setting a new industry standard for onsite ribbon printing.  It is used in conjunction with the Argox OS 214 and Argox OS 314 series printers for Windows 7 and above. The software is intuitive, easy to use, and includes advanced design features not available elsewhere.

The Design & Print™ Software is included at no cost with any of our printer packages. It can be purchased separately if you own an Argox OS 214/314 series printer* and are looking for new easy-to-use software.

Features include:

  • easy online download (CD available only upon email request)
  • state of the art functionality in terms of design options and reliability
  • a ruled design board with gridlines
  • add and edit text features
  • add and edit image features
  • the ability to import graphics, including logos and photographs
  • stock images to use in your designs
  • select and undo features
  • direct access to our website for ordering products
  • direct access to the Learn to Print Ribbon Online Course when purchased

The Design & Print™ Software is Mac compatible but must be used in conjunction with programs that allow your Mac to work as a PC (ie Parallels, Bootcamp).

*Contact us if you have a question about our software being compatible with your specific printer.

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