Yes Mac! You can use your apple computer with a thermal ribbon printer to produce custom printed ribbon. Although our program was developed for a Windows based computer, technology is our friend and you can structure your system to print through your Mac.

The trick is to incorporate a program that allows you to use your Mac with Windows based programs. There are a number of options that do this. Here are two that we have tested.

Parallels - The software is approximately $80 and allows you to work with both Windows and Mac programs interchangeably on your computer. It runs Windows as a "virtual machine" meaning the system exists as software acting as a virtual hard disk.

Boot Camp - This is a free Apple utility that comes pre-installed and allows you to use either Windows or OS. The difference here is that you have to shut down and reboot if you change from one operating system to another.

For more information, google these programs to determine which one is best for you. That way, no matter when you are reading this article, you'll get the most up to date information.

Here's a quick video highlighting the basics of using a ribbon printing machine. It shows how easy it is to design and set up your printer.

It takes just minutes. Plus I give you some ideas on what you can do with personalized ribbon.

If you are new to the whole world of ribbon printing, take and look and discover the possibilities!