What's in a Name?

What's in a name? Everything!

If you don't believe me, watch what people do when they pass a retail display with any item that has names on it. You know, the circular displays of small license name plates, mugs, keychains, etc. People can't resist the urge to stop and look to see if their name is there.

You may even be guilty of it yourself. There is something irresistible about seeing your name in print. It always amazes and entertains me when I'm at a trade show demonstrating the Ribbon Print machine. We give out samples showing name customization with an attendee's name.

Now, it's not like people have never seen their name before, but the excitement and surprise when it actually prints out is such fun to witness. It happens every single time. People smile and are totally engaged.

This passion for our name is so deeply ingrained in our being, it was recognized back in the early 1900's as one of Maslov's Hierarchy of Needs. Most impactful is your given name, but company names, schools, and other organizations produce a similar effect. Using this unconscious emotional connection with names in business can be a huge advantage and lead to significant increases in profitability.

Here's how:

Differentiation - By offering customization, a business can set itself apart from the competition. This creates a unique selling proposition for your business. You have something special and unique that will give you the advantage and bring in new business. Whether it lands the deal in a competitive bidding situation or it opens up new sales areas to pursue ... either way you benefit.

Upgrading the Sale - Sometimes product customization is part of the initial sale to get the business. It can also be included at the end of a sale for additional profit. This works great for gift shops, candy/gourmet stores, etc. Think of it. A customer is at the counter and ready to check out. They are already taking out their form of payment and you offer to give them a personal message on a bow that reads, "Happy 24th Birthday Linda!" and it's only an additional $3.00. Bingo! Huge profit and an easy sell.

Priceless Word-of-Mouth Advertising - Take the scenario above. Not only did you win on this deal ... so did the customer. Their recipient will be thrilled to see their name on a ribbon or other customized product. "Where ever did you find this?" You get the picture, word spreads and new customers come into the store ... because of your ability to customize.

Personalization is an advantage to your business not to be ignored. The ability to rise above your competition, build in added profit and gain new customers is what growing your business is all about. Look into it today!

Sue Monhait
Sue Monhait


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