A Very Special Thanksgiving Customer Message

It's Thanksgiving time! Here in northern Illinois the leaves have now fallen and the first snowflakes have been spotted. Just like it is supposed to be as we enter the full blown holiday season.

At the office, we are geared up to assist you with any ribbon printing needs you have. Run out of product? We're staffed to make sure we can turn your order around right away. In most cases the day you place it. Need assistance with your printer? Feel free to call or email sales@theribbonprintcompany.com.

We'll be keeping an extra eye out for those needing help so you don't get backed up with your orders. And now ... a very important message and some holiday entertainment for you. If you're a customer, you may see yourself here. If you're new to this site, it gives you a peek into our culture. Either way, we wish you all a heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving.

What trade shows will you be at next year that we should consider attending? I'm working up the schedule now so let me know in the comments section.

Sue Monhait
Sue Monhait


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