Why you don't want to be a cookie

Making irresistible treats is one thing, but using a cookie cutter approach to your business is a recipe for disaster outside of the kitchen.

"Being a cookie in your business will lead to failure. Here's a better recipe.

I've just returned from the National Gift Basket Convention. This is obviously a gathering of business owners looking to build or enhance their business. For those who may think a gift basket business is just a hobby - think again. Many of these folks have developed some seriously huge businesses. Classes revolve around professionally creating the product, financial implications, marketing the business and more.

Perhaps you've been to conferences like this for your industry. It's a great way to get motivated by peer interaction and discover new techniques and resources to grow your business.



However, I see many people come out of an event like this and enter directly into the danger zone. They take what they've learned and without any further thought, implement it into their business ... versus ... taking responsibility for the information, determining whether it should or should not be applied to their business and in what manner ... and implementing it as it fits for them.

Seth Godin states the result of this action in the first sentence of this quote:

"You can buy this from anyone, and we're anyone.

That's not going to get you very far when you sell stuff, raise money, look for a job ... What if instead, you created a reputation as the person or organization that can honestly say,

You can't get this from anyone but me?"

What you want is the result stated in the last sentence. You can't get this from anyone but me. Back to the gift basket conference. If I still owned my gift basket business, the last thing I would want to do is put in play everything exactly as I've just been taught. I would be a company without distinction.

Why would people buy from me versus anyone else? Instead, if I took the information, adjusted it to my own gift basket style/customer service style/marketing messaging style, then I've strengthened my business and enhanced my uniqueness. So when people are buying from me, they are receiving something they can't get anywhere else. This is the recipe for success.

It's important for every single business. How do realtors or bankers separate themselves from their competitors right in the same market? These industries all have competition steps away anywhere they turn. Every realtor is unique just by personality and how they go about helping a client buy or sell a house. Bankers are different from one another in the atmosphere of the bank, the products available and the customer service they provide.

So, as much as I love cookies, please send them to me ... but don't be one!

Sue Monhait
Sue Monhait


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